About Me

Welcome to my page! It's named after a Baroness song that always reminded me of the tarot major arcana card The Tower. This is my first time using html or doing any sort of web design. This is going to be so much fun!
The last time I had any sort of web presence was in 2012, when I deleted my F***b*** page and hitchhiked from west of the Rockies to the Carolina coast.
Like many people, I've become skeptical, jaded, and exhausted of modern web design and the commercialization, privacy invasion, and unnecessary data transfer that it all entails. Let's keep this punk rock!

a/s/l: born late 1900s/any pronouns/southwestern united states

sun= Capricorn, moon= Cancer, rising= Virgo

Interests: music (especially punk & metal), horror, fantasy, gaming (video & tabletop), camping & hiking, 1980s gothic fashion, tarot, spirituality & occultism, etymology, astronomy, medical science, coffee

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